Wonder Saver Product

WonderSave is a Unique Technology based Gadget meant for Fuel Saving & Carbon Emission Reduction in all kinds of Vehicles and all kinds of Fuels. WonderSave is the most simplest Gadget of its kind in the world and is created using Fourth Dimensional Technology, which the world will be possibly experiencing in the next Decade only. WonderSave is an Alloy metal Tube measuring 40 mm length X 15 mm Diameter.



Keeping your vehicle from rusting is essential. Even with advances in auto manufacturing, you need corrosion protection that goes beyond the manufacturer's rust warranty.

WonderSave can be used in all kinds of vehicles such as Trucks, Lorries, Tractors, Hand Tillers, Heavy construction Vehicles such as Poklains, Tippers, Dumpers etc., Fishing Boats , Buses, Cars, Mini Vans Auto Rickshaws, Motor Cycles, Scooters, Diesel Generators , Oil Engines, and Factories where Furnace Oil is used as Fuel.WonderSave works with all kinds of fuels such as Petrol, Diesel, Bio Diesel, Kerosene, Furnace Oil etc.,We have a different version of WonderSave for GAS based Industries.



Fishing Boats

Power Generator





Motor Cycles

Auto Rickshaws



Drop the WonderSave alloy tube, into the fuel tank. Your work is over. Within the next 30 minutes, you will start experiencing the benefits of WonderSave. WonderSave gadget will never block the fuel passage. It will also not react with the fuel and is very safe.

Note You need to use 1 WonderSave for every 60 liters Tank capacity. Use 2 Units for 60-120 liters Tank capacity. Use 3 units for 120-180 liters capacity etc.,

40mm ht & 15mm dia

  • There is no other Fuel saving Gadget in the world, which is as small, as versatile and as easy to use as WonderSave is.
  • 90% of the users have reported that, their investment on WonderSave is paid back within 7 to 45 days depending on the usage . Thereafter they enjoy its benefits free for 1-2 years.
  • WonderSave is the solution for reducing Noise pollution too apart from Carbon emission reduction
  • There is no repetitive running /maintenance cost involved, but only one time investment.
  • When WonderSave is used, optimum combustion takes place, which only ensures increased life of the engine. WonderSave is totally safe to use.
  • Many vehicles which fail the Carbon Emission test , pass the test instantly after WonderSave is used.

95% of the users of wonderSave have reported the following results. Results may vary depending on the condition & class of vehicle, Driving variations, Fuel quality , kind of maintenance etc.,

  • Benefit 1 Extra Mileage/Fuel Saving by 16% to 35% depending on the condition of the Vehicle.
  • Benefit 2 Carbon Emission/Black Smoke is reduced by 70-90% instantly.
  • Benefit 3 Pick up ( Speed/Acceleration ) of the vehicle goes up by more than 50%.
  • Benefit 4 Engine becomes smoother instantly.

I own a suzuki Motor Cycle and using it for the 2 years. I Started using Wonder Save in my vehicle from 2nd April 2015. I drive about 150 Kms per day in my Motor Cycle. I sincerely declare that i am experiencing the following benefits ever since i started using the wonder save."

Mr. Sarathy, Chennai

I have been using the wonder save in my Diesel Auto Rickshaw sinch 29th March 2015. My true observation is that. The sound of the Diesel Engine is reduced and the pick up the vehicle is considerably increased. Passengers preder to travel in my Auto Rickshaw, because of the Smoothness of my vehicle.

Mr. Kumar , TN

I used wonder save in my Tata Nano car and from 3rd day on wards. I got about 3 Kms extra per litre of petrol which worked out to approx 17% extra mileage

Mr. Ramsurya, Chennai

WonderSave has been successfully tested by various Organizations for its Fuel saving ability, Emission reduction properties and its Energy levels. World renowned Laboratory The CENTRE FOR BIO FIELD SCIENCES, Pune, INDIA has evaluated the Energy Effects on PETROL AND DIESEL after using WonderSave - Fuel Saver, using the Bio Field Viewer Imaging Systems.

Wondersave works on a Technology Called Frequency Embedding Technology. High Energy Vibrational Frequency is permanently Embedded onto Wondersave Metal Tube, using our Frequency Embedding Technology. When Wondersave Metal Tube is dropped into the Fuel Tank, it transfers its Embedded High Energy Frequency to the Fuel and the Fuel gets energized instantly. Energized Fuel triggers Optimum Combustion resulting in Higher RPM, Higher Mileage, Higher pick up, Smooth Engine, Reduced Noise, Reduced unburnt Carbon Residues, Reduced or Nil Black Smoke Emission all resulting in added Driving Pleasure.
Wondersave works on all kinds of Liquid Fuels such as Petrol, Diesel, Bio Diesel, Ethanol Mixed Fuels, Kerosene, Furnace oil etc.,
Wondersave can be used in all kinds of Vehicles and Equipments where Liquid Fuel is used such as Cars, Buses, Trucks, Lorries, Mini Vans , Autos, Motor Cycles, Scooters ,Heavy vehicles, Heavy Construction Equipments such as Poclains, Tippers, Dumpers etc., Fishing Boats Trawlers & Industries where Furnace oil is used.
Depending on the condition of the Vehicle Wondersave given a Fuel Saving of 15% to 35%
Depending on the condition of the Vehicle, there will be a Carbon Emission reduction of 70% to 95% .
Wondersave is totally safe for the engine, as it doesnot change the characteristics of the Fuel Chemically or Physically unlike Fuel additives. Infact the maintenance cost of the Vehicle comes down drastically , after use of Wondersave.
Life of Wondersave is minimum of 1 year and Maximum of 2 years